President of Moldova: A putsch attempt took place in Moldova

Tuesday, April 7, 2009 9:20 PM
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The President of Moldova, Vladimir Voronin, addressed to the nation, whereby he called "a putsch attempt" the disorders provoked by opposition in Chisinau.

Voronin warned that "political tools in the situation of putsch are not applicabple any more, and the authority in Moldova is decided to protect the country from the pogrom-makers".

"After the preliminary electoral results were made public, after they were acknowledged by the OSCE, Council of Europe, observers from the European Parliament, the leaders of those parties that lost in elections adopted the path of force to get the power. Everything that was undertaken by opposition during the last twenty-four hours - seizure of the building of president's administration, the assault of parliament, outrage of Moldovan flag shall be qualified only as putsch", emphasized the head of State.

"Inability to lose in honest democratic contest, complete neglect of the law, of the open expression of people's will, of the European standards and values pushed the oppositional leaders to the way of gravest crime against Moldova. Since today's morning Vlad Filat, Mihai Ghimpu, Serafim Urechean actually headed the staff, which started to accomplish anticonstitutional revolution in the republic. The authorities in Moldova will allow any one to further disregard the law, the authorities in Moldova will not allow a batch of extremists that are intoxicated of spite to trample into mud our democracy", stated the President of Moldova in his address to the nation.

Leaders of the liberal parties of Moldovan opposition renounced from earlier achieved agreements with the authorities to stop the violence.

Earlier, leaders of the oppositional liberal parties Dorin Chirtoaca and Vladimir Filat renounced the earlier achieved agreements with the authorities to stop the disorders and to re-count the votes following the parliamentary elections held on Sunday.

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