The protest initiative group: LDPM is the guilty one for the devastations in the Chişinău downtown

Wednesday, April 8, 2009 12:08 AM
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The group initiating the protest actions, which took place in the Chişinău downtown, accuses the Liberal Democratic Party of Moldova for the devastations and disorder in the capital city. "The initiative group is not responsible for today's devastations. The official organizer of today's meeting is the Liberal Democratic Party of Moldova", writes on her blog Natalia Morari, the public reporter of the publication "The New Times" expelled from Russia, who played the main role in organizing the protests in Chişinău.

Morari writes that "the initiative group, which organized yesterday a protest with an attendance of 15 thousand people, starts to worry about the fact that some parties, which got into the parliament, will make use of these manifestations in political goals", requesting these parties "to stop their political games". "Today, during our press conference, the disorder and devastation of Parliamentary and presidential buildings unleashed; we don't understand what LDPM was doing at that moment, the one that assumed the responsibility for organising today's meeting", wonders Morari.

At the same time, Natalia Morari states the crowd was called upon to go to the Parliament and Presidency by the LDPM leader, Vladimir Filat, "who had the permit for the protest action".

The journalist Natalia Morari, who has Moldovan citizenship, is present in Moldova after being expelled from the Russian Federation, following a decision taken in Moscow and made public by Russian special services.

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