Romanian Nazi representatives participated in Chisinau disorders

Wednesday, April 8, 2009 6:37 PM
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The representatives of Fascist type legionary organization "Noua Dreapta" ("New Right") from Bucharest were noticed among the organizers of mass disorders.

Several tens representatives of this organization were direct organizers and participants in the acts of vandalism, conducted in Chisinau downtown. The followers of organization "New Right" were dressed in the black-grey jackets with the emblem of organization on the left sleeve in form of the so-called Maramuresh cross (on photo).

According to the statutory documents of the organization, "25% of the national territory of Romania, where about 4 million people live, present are included in two ex-soviet states: Ukraine and the Republic of Moldova".

"Unification of Rumanian people in one state is a natural process, a legitimate one and, especially in the present situation, necessary one: the destructive roller of globalization will simply crush the weak statehoods. Therefore we consider that Romania must again gain its integrity, just as in its time Germany did", says the statutory documents of Fascist type legionary organization "Noua Dreapta" ("New Right") from Bucharest.

During the mass disorders in the capital city of Moldova the buildings of Parliament and president's administration were seized and set on fire; the national flag of Romania was erected above the Presidential building. Participants in disorders required the cancellation of electoral results and advanced requirements about unification of Moldova with Romania.

Kiril Lucinschi (son of the second Moldovan President) was noticed among organizers both on Monday and on Tuesday; he was running in elections on the lists of the Democratic Party. Besides, Serafim Urechean, AOM leader, and LDPM chairm, Vlad Filat, were took an active part in these actions.

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