Romania media: Vlad Filat and Serafim Urechean aren't at all our brothers, they are brothers of KGB

Wednesday, April 15, 2009 11:52 AM
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The violent protests in Chişinău has nothing in common with a revolution, as it is circulated in political media of Romania, declared the Romanian journalist, Victor Roncea, during a TV programme of the Romanian TV channel B1.

"Those who are using the mask of Romanism, these Vlad Filat and Serafim Urechean, when they had the power they gossiped the Romanism. They didn't just gossip the Romanism, they actually conducted the movements against the young people who were in the Great National Assembly Square in Chişinău and who militated, as they do it now, for Romanism. These young people are just a crowd for manoeuvre, a manoeuvre crowd for the intelligence service and for some mafia groups that, currently, will reach each-others hands over Prut, as they did so over Nistru", emphasised Roncea.

In the same context, Romanian journalist demanded the Romanian community to stop militating for the oppositional liberal leaders in Chişinău. "Let us leave a little bit this enthusiasm with our brothers Vlad Filat and Urechean, because they aren't at all our brothers, they are brothers of KGB", underlined Roncea.

In the protest actions of April 7, which were organised by oppositional liberal parties, the participants chanted the unification with Romania, and the Romanian flags were hoisted on the Parliamentary and Presidential buildings. The media of Bucharest declared mostly that a revolution took place in Chişinău, and urged the community to support this action. Moldovan President, Vladimir Voronin, has mentioned on April 8 that those manifestations were nothing but an attempt of putsch, where the Romanian bodies were also involved in. On the same day, the Romanian ambassador in Moldova, Filip Teodorescu, was declared a persona non-grata.

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