Influential Russian publication speaks about the possibility of disorders in Russia carried out on Moldovan scenario

Monday, May 11, 2009 10:42 AM
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The Moscow publication "Kommersant-Dengi" in its article "Technology on the edge of revolt" notes the increased role of the so-called "social networks" in Internet, capable at any time to get out thousands of people on squares of Russian mega-cities.

"It is difficult to imagine that events similar to the recent ones in Moldova or US would occur in nowadays Russia: in first case, the people's net resources warmed up "the revolutionary situation", and in the second, they actually ensured the success of electoral campaign of Barrack Obama. However, the degree of involvement into social media of the inhabitants of Russian mega-cities is already quite sufficient for transferring, when desired and ready, the mass actions from online to the streets", notes the author of the article in the magazine "Kommersant-Dengi".

The author refers to the experts' opinions, according to whom precisely the social media played the decisive role in the election of Barrack Obama. "These elections in the USA were marked by a record poll-attendance. Not only those who are interested in politics came to vote, but also those for whom, as a rule, it is difficult to name even the name of the acting President and who never before these elections attended the polling stations", notes the authoritative Russian publication.

Experts in the modern mass communications noted for the periodical that the majority of western media outlets considers the Twitter as the source of most operational information, and disorders in Moldova were named Twitter Revolution because this is the first event on post-Soviet area the news about which participants used to send in real time regime in Twitter.

The same experts gave the example, used during in disorders in Chisinau, when the users of various sites had their cell-phones numbers gathered. "It is possible, at the registration on a site, to propose to log in by introducing the number of cell phone - allegedly so that they wouldn't forget the login. The gathered numbers of participants' phones are conveniently used for the mass notification via SMS about new flash-mobs and other kind of coordination. It will be possible, if necessary, to collect in operative manner various separate measures into one enormous flash mob in some specific place, and police wouldn't have time to block it".

Let us recall that mass disorders on April 7 in Chisinau downtown were preceded by a flash mob organized by several nongovernmental organizations, which booked the central area of Chisinau for April 6. As noted by organizers in the application submitted to the City Hall, the action has to be attended by "several hundred people".

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