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Minister of Health accused of protectionism

Thursday, March 4, 2010 12:35 PM
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Valentin Friptu, the founder of the “New Med Life“ clinic received the activity license in Moldova for “in vitro“ assisted reproduction, but he does not hold the activity regulations to be signed by the Ministry of Health, said that Minister Vladimir Hotineanu refused to sign the document due to personal interests he has in the field.

“Mr. Hotineanu said “No”. The reason is simple and clear. Because his daughter-in-law activates there (in the field of “in vitro“ assisted reproduction – e. n.), because his godson activates there and because his son is also tangentially involved in this. Because of all these reasons, there are no other ones“, declared Friptu to OMEGA agency.

In this context, Friptu mentioned that the daughter-in-law of the Minister of Health Vladimir Hotineanu – Alina Hotineanu, is the founder of a company, which has the exclusive right to import and provide the Health National Centre of Reproduction and Medical Genetics that is a public institution and is the only one with the right to operate in the assisted reproduction field, with all medicines needed for this procedure. “It is a private firm called “Repromed“, whose banking turnover in 2 years amounted to 6 mln and more. It is dealing with the import of medicines, everything needed for this procedure. Only this firm has the exclusive right and nobody can bring anything else, no medicines“, announced Friptu, emphasizing that “the daughter-in-law of Mr. Hotineanu is the founder of this firm“. “I asked the State Registration Chamber for information about who is the director and the founder. The founder of this company is Alina Hotineanu, and the director’s position is held by another person, who is a colleague of Alina Hotineanu“, also added the quoted source.

In context, Valentin Friptu announced that he would address to courts until he would not get the regulations signed by the Ministry of Health. “If Mr. Hotineanu does not sign, he will be imposed by the court to sign these regulations, a fine will be applied as a sanction, he will be warned and it will be a scandal“, underlined Friptu.

On the eve, the Minister of Health Vladimir Hotineanu declared to OMEGA agency that he would not sign the compulsory activity regulations of the “New Med Life“ clinic. “We do not give and I do not provide opinion to the regulations, because I can not do this, because otherwise the relevant laws will be violated“, declared Hotineanu for OMEGA, speaking of the above-said clinic, underlying that its activity “is related to preserving sexual cells and ovules“, but in the current national legislation “there is no mechanism to control these ovules and, in this case, we risk to enter a traffic in sexual cells, and this is a traffic in organs and I will not do this“.

Earlier, the Civic Initiative for a Pure Parliament, which initiated to all candidates to positions within the Government and the Parliament a test concerning the moral integrity criteria of the civil society, declared that Vladimir Hotineanu does not meet them. According to the file published by the Civic Initiative, the Court of Accounts established that Vladimir Hotineanu, holding the office of Deputy Minister of Health and being the chairman of the Committee for issuance of licenses for pharmaceutical activity, issued to a number of economic entities licenses and authorisations by violating the provisions of the legislation.  Also, the Court of Accounts found out that, as chairman of the Committee for receiving and distribution of the humanitarian aids, Hotineanu authorised repeatedly the entry in the country of medicines that had the validity period shorter than one year and without quality certificates of the producers, with irregular package, without serial numbers and storage conditions.

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