Civil society requests the Parliament to adopt an official position concerning the intention to alienate the land situated near Palanca

Friday, March 5, 2010 10:10 AM
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The representatives of the civil society organised on Friday, 5 March, an action of protest before the Parliament expressing the disagreement with the intentions of the Filat’s Government to alienate the plot of land situated near Palanca village.

The representatives of the Civic Coalition for Democratic and Transparent Governance assessed the intention of Filat’s Government to alienate the territory as illegal, which violates the constitutional norms. The placards exposed by protestors request the legislators to do not cede the Moldovan territory that is inalienable by law and also the disappointment of the voters towards the actions of the parties that for which they case their votes.

In context, the Civic Coalition for Democratic and Transparent Governance requests the Parliament to undertake a number of measures, including public hearings to the representatives of the Government, in the person of the Prime Minister, Vladimir Filat and Minister of Foreign Affairs, Iurie Leanca, who will give explanations on the intentions of the current governance.

Also, the protestors request the Legislative body to make public the whole text of the Agreement on property recognising, signed by Premier Filat in Kiev and to adopt an official attitude of the Parliament concerning the intention to alienate the land near Palanca, which will express the interests of Palanca’s inhabitants and of the whole country.
Earlier, the representatives of the Civic Coalition for Democratic and Transparent Governance also organised two flash mobs before the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration and before the monument of the Steven the Great prince against the decision of the Government of the Alliance for European Integration to cede the territory under Odessa-Reni route, situated near Palanca village, in Ukrainian ownership. Bu these actios the initiative group requested the annulment of Filat’s Government decision: “11 March – the day of betrayal. Still there are 15 days“, “Do not betray our ancestors“, “Today is Palanca, tomorrow…?“, “We do not cede Palanca“.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, Peter Poroshenko, declared recently that during the visit of Moldovan Prime Minister to Kiev, held on 1 February 2010, the Moldovan party proved readiness to give to Ukraine, in the nearest time, the Property transfer deed of the land situated under the highway, lying close to Palanka village. The Ukrainian party called "constructive" the position of Filat’s Government. Poroshenko also said that Ukraine is waiting for the document by 11March of this year.

Odessa-Reni highway segment, near Palanka settlement of Moldova, with 7,7 kilometers in length, was transferred for use and under the jurisdiction of Ukraine according to the Additional Protocol to the State Border Agreement concluded between Ukraine and Moldova, signed on 18 August 1999. Today Ukraine also insists to be transferred the land under the highway, in spite of the fact that in the Agreement is specified expressly that «the transferred plot of land is the property of Ukraine in the territory of the Republic of Moldova». The road segment is part of the highway with 310 km in length that links the South Western part of Odessa region with the rest of Ukraine.

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