Dumitru Diacov: It was premature to address to Venice Commission

Friday, March 12, 2010 11:41 AM
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The Honourable Chairman of the Democratic Party of Moldova, Dumitru Diacov, considers that the invitation of the CoE Commission for Democracy through Law (Venice Commission), extended by Moldovan leadership to discuss constitutional reforms, was premature.

“I think that some persons do not have experience in talking with these structures, with Venice Commission“, declared Diacov to OMEGA agency, mentioning that he was against inviting the abovementioned authority European structure to Moldova, because it was a premature visit.

“I said at the beginning that the Venice Commission does not come to the country with proposals, we should put forward concrete proposals to amend the Constitution and in this case it would say its opinion on them. But the Commission was invited for discussions, it was not correct and it is not the Venice Commission the guilty one, maybe i twas a non-understanding“, noted Diacov, concluding that currently, proceeding from the decisions approved by the Alliance for European integration, it is a need for a new address to Venice Commission to adopt new recommendations.

The four leaders of the current coalition government: Marian Lupu, Serafim Urechean, Mihai Ghimpu and Vladimir Filat, declared on 9 March evening, after a joint meeting, that AEI decided to adopt a new Constitution through a referendum to be held until 16 June.

The initiator of the constitutional amendments is the Interim President of the country, Mihai Ghimpu, who invited the Venice Commission to develop the relevant consultations.

The President of the European Commission for Democracy trough Law of the Council of Europe (Venice Commission), Gianni Buquicchio declared on 26 February, during a briefing held in Chişinău that to overcome the crisis should be a priority for Moldova rather than to amend the Constitution. The President of the Venice Commission specified that “he insists on the need to observe the laws and the current Constitution“. “Every reform should be done by observing the effective norms and laws“, emphasized the European official.

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