Filat’s decision to obey Ghimpu’s political plans contradicts his early statements – the Political scientist

Friday, March 12, 2010 12:34 PM
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According to the Moldovan political scientist Alexey Tulbure, the decision sounded on 9 March by Prime Minister of Moldova, the chairman of the LDPM, Vladimir Filat contradicts the statements he made earlier.

«What he (e.n. – Filat) did on 9 March is simply illogically, and its sense does not fit to what he said and did until this moment», declared Tulbure to OMEGA agency, having noted that «the relation of cause and effect in all that did» Filat has broken while he easily took the decision to refuse to carry out early parliamentary elections and hold the referendum to pass a new Constitution of the country.  

Thereupon the political scientist has assumed that «arguments of the political schedule», linked with mistaken, from the political point of view, desire of the coalition members to avoid carrying out early parliamentary elections could become the reason for it. «Some kind of failure occurred here», noted Tulbure, making comments on Filat’s decision, having concluded that he considers it as «a political error».

On 4 December 2009, on the eve of the second attempt to elect Marian Lupu as president of the country, Vladimir Filat has declared to the journalists that if the second attempt would be a failure again and the head of the state would not be elected, it will be necessary to conduct early parliamentary elections. «If a similar situation of non-election of the president of the Republic of Moldova occurs, our republic should be controlled effectively, to the interests of the citizens», declared Filat, having concluded that «within the limits of this governance we should provide conditions for carrying out early elections which should be spent not later than June 2010».

At the same time, on 9 March, after the leaders of the ruling coalition declared their decision to annul the early parliamentary elections, Filat declared to the press that this would allow the current parliament to operate till the end of the four-year mandate.

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